To obtain a water meter reading:

  • Locate Meter
  • Open or remove meter box lid.
  • Confirm meter number. This is usually on the brass or plastic meter cap.
  • Record all digits on meter from left to right. Include the stationary 0 at the end.
  • Make a note of any movement. Movement on the meter when no water is being used may indicate a leak.
  • Please note that meter types do vary so your meter may appear a little different than example below.

The leak indicator is a small triangle or star shaped indicator that spins when water advances through the meter. Continued spinning or erratic movement on the indicator means there is water being used, and a possible leak. However, please note that it may also move slightly due to system pressure changes. Should it appear you have a leak, make note of the meter reading, needle hand, and dial locations then do not use any water for several hours. Re-read the meter to determine if you do have a leak.
Meters are read only in the hundreds of gallons although most meters register to the individual gallon. The meter dial is read like an odometer of a car (see picture) consisting of a row of numbers from left to right. Since these meters are located in the ground they are often covered with dirt, leaves or other debris. Should you have any problems locating your meter, obtaining a reading, or have any questions, please contact your water provider company.